Incredible progress being made at the Southern Border!

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I think this chart is showing the effectiveness of two things.

  1. The deal with Mexico. He basically forced them to stop illegal aliens coming up from Central America through Mexico. Mexico had previously been letting Central Americans freely enter through their southern border if they were headed to the USA.
  2. He changed “catch and release” to indefinite detention until deportation. Due to some court rulings and simple government incompetence, people who brought kids with them were being caught by Border Patrol but then released into the USA anyways because Border Patrol wasn’t legally allowed to hold children in the prison conditions that the adults were held in. Trump started separating the adults and children into separate facilities (normal prison for adults, prison-lite for kids) to allow indefinite detention but as we saw, retarded leftists in the media screeched about “child separation” being evil. So now Trump fixed this by upgrading the conditions of the holding cells that the whole family is held in to be up to the legal standard necessary to hold children (prison-lite). This allows entire families, or adults who are trafficking children, to be held together indefinitely until their deportation proceedings are complete. When millions of Central Americans suddenly realized that a free ticket into the USA is no longer possible, many of them just stopped trying to get in, because the only way in now is to actually evade Border Patrol entirely. Which of course, is becoming more difficult as the wall is constructed.

tl;dr: Trump is actually ending illegal immigration for real.





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