India about to blow up with cases, here’s why they are screwed already

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19 suspects screened for coronavirus in Madhya Pradesh

So far, 13 samples of MP patients suspected of the deadly virus

Another six under quarantine

It was decided that tourists and visitors from affected countries would be screened for the virus and kept in observation till blood work is returned

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Why they are screwed, is because a blood test is an immunoglobulin test that looks for the presence of antibodies

The Wuhan virus has a protein known as ORF10, that prevents the body from making copies of it’s own antibody proteins

So there’s going to be little to no antibodies to look for in the blood with an immunoglobulin test

PCR testing is the only reliable way to test for the presence of the virus, and apparently that is failing due to complications in testing

…..expect medical incompetence from India in handling this


A patient from Chhatarpur who had visited the district hospital was discharged with a precautionary advice to maintain self-isolation for three days. Earlier, he was reported to have escaped from the hospital. The authorities scotched the rumours. No one has so far been reported positive after tests, said the health authorities.

already they are attempting to do damage control





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