India and Russia Join China in CURRENCY and TRADE WARRR! Stock Market FALLS!

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Please let me know what you thought about how bailouts don’t actually fix a problem. Financial companies in particular are completely intertwined and so are “Too Big To Fail”. But that can’t be unwound without causing a Global Economic Collapse.

I want to know your thoughts on what I spoke about specifically.

Keeping up with all of this madness is getting more and more difficult. It’s hard to keep track of who said what and why. What is easily understood is that this is simply a small piece of the puzzle because as you know, the central bank creates all recessions. They dry up the liquidity and watch the financial system squirm for life.


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India counters Trump tariffs, to hike duty on US bikes, almonds, apples | India News – Times of India

Defence deals: India, Russia weigh rupee-rouble trade for defence deals

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Comcast will become one of the world’s most indebted companies if it buys Fox

Mergers to leave AT&T, Comcast as world’s most debt-burdened companies – MarketWatch

Neighbors Concerned About Fights At Homeless Encampment « CBS Los Angeles

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