India, first country in the world to impose lockdowns to combat “global warming”

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As long as it worked just fine with the “virus” and peoples did nothing against it, why not do the same ..

Lockdown to combat air pollution: New Delhi prepares to ban non-essential travel and close offices due to toxic smog even though India torpedoed Cop 26 coal deal

  • India’s Supreme Court has proposed the first lockdown of its kind in the country to reduce air pollution
  • The pollution has already forced schools in Delhi to close for a week with city of 20million choking in smog
  • But Delhi’s government has already pushed back against court, saying it needed concerted effort  
  • Comes after India was rebuked for watering down COP26 climate agreement 

India’s Supreme Court has called for a lockdown in New Delhi to try and reduce air pollution by banning non-essential travel and closing offices.

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The proposal, the first of its kind, comes as the city of 20 million battles smog which has forced schools to shut for a week to keep children from breathing in toxic air.

The Delhi government on Monday pushed back hard against the call by the country’s top court, arguing that without a concerted effort by other states, the lockdown would have little impact on air quality.

The firm stance by the justices comes after India – along with China – was rebuked by global leaders for watering down the COP26 climate agreement forged in Glasgow last week.

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