Indian equivalent of CDC writes to WHO regarding HCQ

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by Jim

I forgot to mention in posted the English subtitled Didier Raoult interview late yesterday that one of the things he does is call BS on the 10% cardiac events “seen” in the data across the world in the Lancet study… in his experience across more than three thousand patients this rate is zero.

The latest, post-Lancet, Raoult interview in case you missed it;

Buoyed by the preliminary success observed in the treatment of COVID-19 patients through these HCQ tablets, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has written to the WHO.

In a letter via an email, Dr Sheela Godbole, National Coordinator of the WHO-India Solidarity Trial and Head of the Division of Epidemiology, ICMR-National AIDS Research Institute has written to Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at World Health Organization.

In a letter, Dr Godbole stated: “There was no reason to suspend the trial for safety concern.”

When contacted Dr Godbole, she said: “Only one arm of the Solidarity trial by WHO has temporary been paused for a time being i.e. HCQ arm, other arms of the clinical trial are still active.”

On Thursday, Dr VK Paul, Member Niti Aayog and Chairman of empowered group 1 said: “When we see the present evidence of HCQ, there are fewer side-effects…We have studied HCQ drug very closely with our scientists and hence as per the latest government guidelines–HCQ drug can be given to frontline workers and severe coronavirus patients. However, these guidelines would be reviewed from time to time,” said Paul.


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