Inflation Alert! Interest payments in the third quarter up 13.59% ($88.125 billion) from last quarter and 24% ($143.667 billion) from this time last year.

by Dismal-Jellyfish

Interest costs and the national debt could be even higher if interest rates continue their upward trajectory and outperform CBO’s economic forecast.

They planned for this, right?!?!?! CBO estimated CPI inflation will total 4.7 percent in CY 2022, 2.7 percent in 2023, and 2.3 percent per year thereafter

Oh…. The CBO has underestimated inflation by 3.5% (74.5%) so far as Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 8.2 percent before seasonal adjustment…

This calendar year:

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Month Reading
January 7.5
February 7.9
March 8.5
April 8.3
May 8.6
June 9.1
July 8.5
August 8.3
September 8.2
YTD reading (75.5/9) 8.38

With 3 readings left in the year, even if inflation comes in at 0 for the rest of the year, 2022 inflation would be at 6.29%, 33.8% greater than the CBO’s 4.7% estimate for CY2022.


Greater interest rates to fight this inflation, lead to higher interest payments:

Quarter Amount
2022-07-01 736.579
2022-04-01 648.454
2022-01-01 603.280
2021-10-01 600.423
2021-07-01 592.912

More Fred Data (numbers go up…):

Buckle up…


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