Inflation Is MUCH WORSE Than You Think and It’s Hidden From You

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We can look at fake statistics but Disney probably has something more entertaining. What’s your opinion on the inflation rate. It’s certainly arguable but would you agree that the number that they provide is very low for most people?

We have seen the statistics for inflation and they’re laughable. According to government numbers, inflation is extremely low. It’s so low that it’s actually a concern apparently. Perhaps these people have corporate credit cards. Companies have been hiding inflation in a way that obviously people haven’t really awakened to. And that’s why…


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Consumer Price Index, 1913- | Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

United States Core Personal Consumption Expenditure Price Index | 2019

Alternate Inflation Charts

2000 | Morris County Library

2014 | Morris County Library

Toilet paper: Bigger cardboard rolls, smaller sheets, same price – Los Angeles Times

Call It Desheeting Or Bulking Up: Any Way You Wipe It, It’s Less Toilet Paper At The Same Price – Consumerist

Toilet Paper Tests | New Winners – Consumer Reports News

The Proven Price-Hike Strategy That Won’t Hurt Sales |


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