INS drops 1,600 illegals in Self declared “Immigrant Friendly” Dem-run Las Cruces, NM! (Pop.101,000)

Trump delivers KARMA by the bus loads to virtue-signaling Democrat-controlled Las Cruces. The lib nut job mayor said it was “ Immoral to not accept these people!”

Las Cruces City Council affirms immigrant friendly policies
By Xchelzin Peña | December 19, 2017

Now they are complaining about the cost, and the burden on city services that the “EVIL TRUMP(tm)” has placed on them.
You just cannot make this shit up. No one would believe it.

READ  If the Dems can turn 22+ million illegals into citizens then Demonrat rule will be established forever.

Las Cruces accepts some 1,600 asylum seekers since April 12

Las Cruces looks for permanent staging area for migrants

Las Cruces: 122 migrants dropped off in last 24 hours


h/t Flying Elvii