Insiders selling stock in perfect unison like they know what is coming

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The insiders are selling stock, SEE THIS ALARMING LIST:

Now why would they all be selling in perfect unison? Because they know because they were told. Someone up the food chain told them they are going to allow the market to crash, so they tell the CEO’s of the top companies so that they can exercise their stock options before the crash.

Back in late 1975, a few months before the USA presidential election I was told by a CEO of Dow 30 company that Jimmy Carter would be the next president. This was post Nixon Watergate, and Ford was acting president. I asked how he knew, he said he got a call from the CIA and was told this.

Likewise, if the CEO’s, and Directors are all 100% selling then something is going to happen BECAUSE THEY ALL KNOW.


Like George Carlin says, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

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George Carlin – It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It! The American Dream

So far this year, 48 top executives have collected more than $200 million each from stock sales

There is a limit to the stock market going up, it is when everyone is all in and fully leveraged on the margin.

We have been at that point for some time.

The Fed buys Treasuries from the primary banks and cuts a check – the bank gets added reserves.

Then the bank’s job is to lend this newly created money, which is not dollars but only reserves.

If people don’t borrow the reserves just sit there so what the bank does is transfer the money back to the Fed as excess reserves.

Because interest rates are near zero the margin buyers are maxxed out.

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