Instead of shampoo, a London woman receives 20 US passports

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This is a troubling story, to say the least.


  • Nicole Mitchell, 46, opened the box and found 20 new United States passports
  • Astonished, she dialled 999 and claims she was told to put them in the rubbish
  • DHL, who delivered the passports, said a label was mistakenly placed on the box
  • A US embassy worker drover four hours to go and collected the passports off her

A mother who bought shampoo online was shocked when she opened her parcel – and found 20 brand new US passports.

Nicole Mitchell, 46, could not believe her eyes when she was opened the DHL parcel, that contained confidential documents destined for the US Embassy, instead of shampoo and conditioner.

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Ms Mitchell dialled 999 and claims a police call handler told her to place the 20 passports in the bin, before their supervisor backtracked on the advice.

She said: ‘It’s a massive security breach – there’s terrorism all over the world – what if they had gone into the hands or a terrorist?

‘I was more frightened and perturbed because no body wanted to explain it to me.

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‘I believe that this is really serious.’

Mother-of-one Nicole said DHL staff told her a label on the parcel containing the passports was later covered over with a label for her £35 order from cosmetics company IHerb.

The passports were collected by staff at the US Embassy who arrived at her home in north-west London several hours later at 10pm on Easter Saturday.

The school administrator fears the delivery could be the work of fraudsters working at DHL.


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