Intel CEO bought $400k of Intel stock & upcoming Tiger Lake

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by learner4f

Apparently he bought the dip with an average price of $50/share, which makes today price look like a good deal. This makes me wonder if he believes that Intel will recover from its infamous 7nm delay announcement. It’s almost like he wants to get the worst news out first, and any good news after that will sound like a great news. There will be a presentation in Aug 13 by Intel chief architect about its new Tiger Lake, which is said to be launch in Sep 2. And it is said that they plan to ramp up production of Tiger Lake by 40% more than previously intended. It sounds to me that Intel is betting big on Tiger Lake. Based on recent benchmark, Intel i7-1165G7 10nm CPU is 20-35% faster than AMD’s Ryzen 7 4800U 7nm CPU in single-threaded workloads. Even though Intel CPU only has 4 cores (vs 8 cores in AMD CPU), it is only 6-17% slower than AMD CPU. So performance-wise, Intel 10nm CPU still looks pretty competitive against AMD 7nm. With deep pocket, Intel can price Tiger Lake lower than usual to stop AMD from gaining market share. Will Tiger Lake become a hit? I think there might be a chance.


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