“Intelligent Lockdown” – what it is like in The Netherlands

The “Intelligent Lockdown” as seen in The Netherlands, life in corona filled Holland:

Intelligent Lockdown, how it looks on the streets of Rijswijk in The Netherlands. In this video we start in the plaspoelpolder and walk up into the large shopping mall or area called de Bogaard and then back again. Had to change tires and have service on the car at Profile. The appointment was booked before this coronavirus hit and caused this lockdown, which allows for these sort of business activities to continue, while staying 1.5 meters away from each other, etc.

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The tire shop had me place my keys on a cleaning mat. Once I stepped back, they disinfected my car keys. Same process when I picked up the car. My keys have never been cleaner!

As you can see in the video, not many people on the street for a Wednesday mid morning. Normally the streets would be filled. It was more like an early morning Sunday then a workday! Store after store closed in the large shopping centre de Bogaard. Media Markt was open and a few shops. I bought some cod fish as the fish store, next to a closed McDonalds. The fish store had a special piece of plastic protecting her fresh produce and fish from customers, while maintaining a presentable way to offer and sell the food. Very smart.

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Since I can pay with the ship in my debit card, it is all 100% hands free. Do not have to touch anything.