Interest rates attempting 25-year breakouts!

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by Kimble Charting


Interest rates have been falling for nearly three decades. Could the trend of lower rates be over? A big test to this trend is in play right now!

Above looks at 10 & 30-year yields since early 1990’s. Both have remained inside of falling channel (1) for the past 25-years. Both are attempting to break above 25-year resistance and 3-year trading ranges at the same time at each (2).

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If both would succeed in breaking out, the next resistance test for the 10-year comes into play at the 3.65% level and the 3.85% for the 30-year. What each does at (2) should have major influences on bond prices going forward and could impact stocks as well.

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The last time both tested the top of these channels, stocks were near highs. We will see if it’s different this time.


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