Into The Storm! US Treasury Yield Curve Slope Hits 127 As Bitcoin Hits 51,000 (9.72x Since March 18, 2020 And Lumber Futures Rise 3x Since Same Date)

by confoundedinterest17

We are into the storm (as in a Covid-related recession). As is typical, the 10Y-3M yield curve went negative before the recession began and now the yield curve slope is rising during the storm (recession).

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And we saw a small pop in 3-month volatility.

St. Louis Fed’s James Bull-ard stated yesterday that he doesn’t see any asset bubbles. What does he call Bitcoin rising almost 10x since March 18, 2020 and lumber futures rising 3x?

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Rising prices in a recession? We are into the storm.

Update: Bitcoin hits $51,440 as Fed continue to “print hard.”




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