Invest In Gold As a Hedge In Cashless Society – Ex IMF Rogoff

by GoldCore

– Invest in gold as a hedge, in pensions & as a store of value – Rogoff
– Investing in and owning gold as a hedge will become more important as it will have “enormous value” in a cashless society

– Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not an effective replacement for paper money … but gold’s role is likely to increase as cash is used less and “the trend towards digital currencies” will benefit gold
– “There is an incredible disconnect between the fact that cash is disappearing in legal, tax-compliant transactions but exploding in terms of how much central banks are printing” says Rogoff
– It makes sense for investors, HNW individuals, pension funds and central banks to invest a “percentage of their assets in gold” as a hedge
– “Gold is also likely to increase in value” as central bank and global investment demand increases
– “As a hedge, gold has enormous value…” Rogoff concludes

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