Investment Banker Reveals All (Scamdemic, Bitcoin, Technoslavery)


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  1. 1% are scared shitless. They know every once in a while 99% kill them all.
  2. They want to connect human beings to the internet cloud to totally enslave us.
  3. They wanted to connext us to the scam Bitcoin or crypto system so they can control our every move. Speak out against Gov and they shut off your spending. They also track people & restrict movement.
  4. The Corona Virus is basically a Trojan Horse scam to inject people with the NanoBots needed to connect their body to the internet where Satanists can track and download horrific things into a person’s mind.
  5. The destruction of business is to create Serfdom and make us all dependent on the Deep State.
  6. They want humans to teach robot workers since robot workers are more efficient. Overtime they wouldn’t need human workers mostly at all.
  7. If the humans gets suckered into this, we are through but mass awareness is really waking people up so we have a good chance to stop them now. The best way to stop them is to not help them nor participate in their scam.
  8. Of course 5G towers would be the tracking devices. Get out while you still can. The banker says Americans are the saviors because we have 300 million guns. They are also blatantly cheating the elections meaning they are getting sloppy. Stand up now people. Stand up now!


h/t  MrAnderson888


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