Investor Alert: Less Than 3% Of The Index Is At A New 52-week High While Wage Growth, Construction, Jobs Added, Auto Sales, Home Sales Has Been Slowing.

For those out there who are getting overly excited over the S&P 500, this one’s for you. Less than 3% of the index is at a new 52-week high.

Wage growth has been slowing.
Construction has been slowing.
Jobs added has been slowing.
Auto sales have been slowing.
Home sales have been slowing.
Home prices have been declining.
The deficit will be north of $800B this year and north of $1 trillion next year.
But buybacks.

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Employed full time: Median usual weekly real earnings

Total Construction Spending YoY

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All Employees: Total Nonfarm Payrolls YoY


Motor Vehicle Retail Sales: Domestic and Foreign Autos YoY

New One Family Houses Sold: United States YoY

Median Sales Price for New Houses Sold in the United States YoY

Debt to GDP courtesy deficits

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