Iran’s likely response scenarios. Priced in.

by BadaBing___BadaBoom

This is a list of likely scenarios I’ve compiled and am picking through to find specific companies, ETFs, and etc. to bet on. Iran has never waited too long to respond, because the regime is insecure with their قضيب (qadib) size.

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  1. Boat seizures in Gulf, everyone knows they’ll do it. Shipping is going to slow to a crawl there for a minute especially for companies which got their shit jacked before. Iran friendly shippers or ones good with bribes will have a splendid Sideplay import/export and security/defense. $TESLA eco friendly nuclear drones?
  2. Cyber attack, long cyber sec., short attractive targets. Invest in Clinton’s hackerproof servers.
  3. Oil fires, they will burn like the infidels, Iran can’t project conventional force worth a shit. So easy targets are near by.
  4. Keep an eye on Russkies, North Korea, and Syria.


  1. Military doesn’t build bases or provide logistics in places like Kuwait or Ali Al Salem, contractors do. $KBR used to be huge, but there are others and similar sites paint a picture of who does what. Its safe to assume a troop surge and an increase in revenue for contracting companies.



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