Ireland: 93% Fully Vaccinated, But Restrictions and Midnight Curfew Are Back

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by Chris Black

The covid vax does not work. It’s obvious at this point, and they are basically admitting that it does nothing, but they keep pushing it, and people are so retarded, that they go along with this stupid narrative.

Even that evil goblin Fauci said earlier this week that the reason we still have restrictions is that people are refusing the vaccine, which is a patent lie, but it works, because American burgers are too dumb to read the news from other countries.

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Ireland will impose a midnight curfew on bars, restaurants and nightclubs from Thursday, its prime minister Micheál Martin has announced, as the country tackles a fresh wave of Covid-19 cases.


Once they have 100% vaxed then they can lock people out under the climate lockdown.

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