Irish government wants to bring in a million immigrants to Ireland by 2040. It's the most blatant plan of REPLACEMENT of native populations yet.

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Ireland 2040:
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19 thoughts on “Irish government wants to bring in a million immigrants to Ireland by 2040. It's the most blatant plan of REPLACEMENT of native populations yet.

  1. Have the fools planning this not looked around and seen what is going on in Sweden, Germany, France, etc.??? And you can throw in Canada now too, if you look at its government and its clown prime minister.

  2. Insane comes to mind. These people are committing the highest form of treason I can imagine. They might as well exterminate their own people. The fraction of 1% are being allowed to kill off the white race. Hope people wake up and put an end to it before it is to late.

    • Replacement is the COMMUNIST way…..this way the blacks are much easier to control than the native Irish people…..

  3. WAKE UP – — Denigrate & degrade the White Male …. all Propaganda ….. I mean all media … features Black male, White female, White male always depicted as stupid or subservient…. now who designs/approves media? Start sabotaging those that denigrate you, but mostly awaken others to the blatant pattern.
    It was NEVER about “equality”. IT has always been about REVERSING the roles ….

  4. Ireland is a land of beautiful WHITE PEOPLE…..not muds from sheethole countries having everything given to them. My great grandmother came from Ireland in the early 1900’s, had 9 kids after the age of 40 and lived to be 99 years old. She would roll around in her grave if she read this.

  5. It brings to mind the time of the famine. During that time, Irish harbours were full of English vessels shunting cattle, grain, and other foodstuffs to England. All the while, the media of the times stuck with the famine story. There was no famine, just a potatoe crop failure.

  6. Where else are you going to find peasants who willingly live in mud huts and breed like rabbits? You don’t have to bring in a million immigrants, just bring in a few hundred and wait a few years. If the Irish people are stupid enough to allow this to happen, they deserve what they get. The general prevailing desire in Ireland to “accommodate” the EU plutocrats for a place at the EU table makes this a complete unsurprise. What a bag of wankers.

    • Just like in California, it isn’t the people there who want this, it is the government that is voted in by the “immigrants” who get the handouts for their votes. Never ending cycle. As an Irish American, for me, this news is very sad.

  7. Face it. Every single leader in the west was placed there by manipulating the elections. Ireland will be part of the new Marxist world order, like it or not. Birth rates only increase when women are not stressed and when a population feels secure and generally happy. No one in the west feels that way. The Irish better start having lots of sex and children or you will be replaced by immigrants who contributed nothng to western society and who dont have christian values. And guess what. Women will have to obey them or else. so theire will be no more of these feminist issues unless you want to be stoned.

  8. This is ignorant.
    “Replacement of native populations” sounds like something from 1930s Germany.
    The simple fact is that the Irish, like all advanced Western societies, are not having children anymore.
    It’s the result of a natural and well-known phenomenon called Demographic Transition.
    Unless a country like Ireland wants a future with a declining and heavily aging population – not too productive – it simply must have migration.

  9. This is clearly an orchestrated attack on greater europe. Firstly, in Ireland, we were encouraged, and relentlessly propagandised, to become PC, and “inclusive”, very “touchie feelie”, but now that is being used against us – a gay and minority Taoiseach is bringing in a million immigrants, when we are already overloaded with immigrants – in Dublin, already only 50% of Dubliners are Irish.

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