Irish Prez: Musk Relaxing Censorship Would Be Bad

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Ireland’s President Michael D Higgins has suggested that Elon Musk loosening speech restrictions on Twitter would be “incredible and dangerous narcissism”.

“Is it a great success that a multi-billionaire would be now deciding what is appropriate for people to exchange by way of discourse? I think it can hardly be described as anything other than a manifestation of an incredible and dangerous narcissism,” the 5’3″ octogenarian opined at what was supposed to be a climate change conference at Dublin City University, clearly referring to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter but declining to identify the South African entrepreneur by name.

President Higgins is not known to have complained about the super-rich “deciding what is appropriate for people to exchange by way of discourse” when Twitter was run by censorship-happy Jack Dorsey, who took such radical measures as banning then-sitting U.S. President Donald Trump from the platform while he was in charge and has a net worth estimated at $6.62 billion by Bloomberg.

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