Is a “second wave” almost guaranteed?

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by 1Drumcode

Personally, I believe the virus is real. I think it’s no more dangerous than a bad flu might I add. And I think they’re inflating the numbers. Some think it doesn’t even exist which I can see the argument for.

But is a “second wave” of this almost guaranteed at this point? Only because I’m aware, do I notice the media constantly drilling this in our head. Telling us, “if we don’t abide by the rules the virus will spike again”. Did we ever see a spike? No hospital was ever overrun.. but the morgues will be when all those conditions like cancer go undiagnosed because the screenings and appointments cancelled from corona scare in a few years.

Now they’re drilling into our heads the danger of a second wave.. which how is this even possible? We’re supposed to be immune once we have the virus once. Which brings in the vaccine paradox.. if you can’t get immune (somehow????) then how and what the hell is a vaccine going to do? If the antibodies your body naturally makes to defend against the virus the second time doesn’t work, what’s the difference in a vaccine? They do the same thing.

My guess is they’ll fabricate a second wave. It’s already all over the media about it before it’s even happened, so when it does you’ll abide it. panic people and tell them the only thing that will return life to normally is take the vaccine. But why?

I think a lot of people complied with the lockdown so early because they thought this would be short lived. It’s evident they’re trying to drag this on as long as they can before it goes overboard and people wake up. There’s a fine line. The “easing” of the lockdown to throw people off and keep them sedated.

I found a great way of explaining to others WHY we need life to carry on as normal and SOON. The virus death rate is almost non existent sub 60 and especially non existent if you’re healthy. If you are 60+ with multiple underlying conditions then yea you may be at risk like you are with a chest infection / pneumonia. Every day you get in your car, you drive to work the shops. Everyday you run the risk of getting into a fatal or life crippling accident. 1.3million people DIE let alone injury in car crashes alone a year. There’s a risk involved in everything, you run that risk driving your car EVERY DAY. What’s different with a virus? Nothing. You are more at risk dying in a car crash than you are covid, not even including if you are a healthy sub 60 person.

I don’t get philosophical but maybe this virus mutated and evolved to wipe out the “real” virus, the human race. We’ve contributed no good to the planet but destroy it and murder eachother.



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