Is EA FIRST Pro the trading robot that makes the profit with little effort? What do the results say?

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Tradunity’s EA First: a trading robot which is described to be profitable, user-friendly, requires no prior trading knowledge, made for long-term trading where it offers a large reward for a small risk.  Can this be real?


This trading piece of software was developed originally by Dmitriy Lavrov, a trader with a good reputation in the online trading communities. It was made to simplify and automate the trading of users for short and medium term trading. It can do scalp (short-term) and swing trading (medium-long term trades) as well. Its trades are based on an actual trading strategy, not on martingale or grid algorithms.


Testing the long-term trading (a few years) showed remarkable results. We’re talking about 90 to 4000x returns over periods of 10 years, even with conservative settings in place. This model showed definitive profitability with the expectation of positive results through backtesting.

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And how did it perform in live trading?


After the initial months of trading, the robot showed a business-as-usual type of scenario just as the simulations showed. An initial period of 3 months of profitable trading got the robot to a comfortable 20%. Even so, Dan Avramescu, Tradunity’s technical manager found something was off:

“The Robot is supposed to pass through good periods followed by drawdown which it recovers. It is based on a real trading strategy that simply works like that. The results were good after 4 months of real trading, but we could not verify them with the simulated results over the same period. We didn’t like this situation because the trading results became more unpredictable.


We went back to the testbench and one month later we came up with a new type of trading that the robot could be modeled into. And now, the real trading results match the simulated ones to an accuracy of over 90%. Considering that the simulations showed remarkable high returns, we now have the correlation between the tests and real trading to tell us that we are on to something big!”.


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Looking over the statistics, the results speak for themselves, the simulations really match the real trading results. We’ll be for sure keeping an eye on this robot and its result!

The team still kept the low price for the robot for the time being, but that is going to be changed soon.

You can obtain additional information about the robot and its process on


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