Is half my monthly income really too much to pay for housing?

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by feistypenguin


There are many benefits to homeownership, but home maintenance can send you into a debt spiral if you don’t have a pile of cash on-hand for emergencies (i.e. $5-10k at least). Otherwise you may need to borrow against the house, to afford a sudden repair bill.

If touring a house, look at the date it was built and consider that:

  • Sewer lines tend to start failing at 40-50 years, likely sooner if you have a tree planted nearby. $7-20k
  • A heat pump (air conditioner) tends to fail after 10-12 years, sooner if it was not maintained well. ~$5-6k
  • Roofs tend to need replacement every 20-30 years. ~$5-15k
  • Water heaters (and most major appliances) tend to fail after 8-12 years. $800-1000
  • At some point you will get water damage, and your regular homeowner’s insurance will not cover it. Water can royally fuck up a house, and cost anywhere from $500 to $20k to properly fix. All it takes is one leaky valve, fixture, or piece of siding that is hidden behind a wall.
  • DIY projects are just as likely to cost as much as hiring it out, until you learn your limits and find a cheap source of materials (home depot / lowe’s is usually NOT a cheap source of materials).
  • If the house was a foreclosure, I guarantee you it is at least 2+ years behind on maintenance, with some large item past due for replacement. People who can’t afford the mortgage, sure as hell can’t afford the routine maintenance- and a hefty repair bill is often the ‘final straw’ that makes them walk away from the house.
  • At some point, you will have to dump money into fixing the shoddy work of someone else- whether it was a bad contractor, a previous homeowner, or a DIY project gone wrong.
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Naturally you won’t have to pay all of this stuff at once… but the above is to illustrate the amounts that can be involved with planned or unplanned maintenance.


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