Is Robert Mueller “Our Guy”?

by Chris Black

I received a lot of feedback on my last article, with some of my readers claiming that there must be something going on, i.e. that Jeff Sessions is playing a game (non-combat, good cop-bad cop or whatever) and there must be secret investigations going on without the general public’s knowledge, investigations regarding Hillary Clinton’s corruption, the Uranium One Deal, the DNC, Russia and so forth and so on.
I must admit, that’s an interesting theory and if you come to think about it, President Trump is a man of his word who never forgets his enemies, nor his friends. If you remember that epic second presidential debate on October 9th 2016, there was an unforgettable moment when the Donald promised Hillary that if he wins, he will instruct his Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor to look into her “situation”. HRC retorted that it’s great someone with Trump’s temperament is not in charge of law in America. Trump smashed it: “Because you’d be in jail”.
Well, now Trump is the commander in chief and that famous line made history on social media. However, there’s no special prosecutor that I know of looking into Hillary’s alleged crimes. Or at least, so it appears. Here’s the kicker: as per a CNN claim, Robert Mueller was allegedly interviewed by President Trump on May 16th, as the POTUS was looking for a new FBI director after James Comey got canned. That’s bad journalism, in good fake-news tradition.
The thing about Mueller is that he already served 12 years as FBI boss, under Dubya and Obama (he got a 2 year extension from Obama), and there’s a ten years term limit for a person to serve in that position (FBI director). Hence, Trump met with Mueller on May 16th for another reason. So, the theory is that Trump was interviewing Mueller for a “special prosecutor” job, with the end result being a stealth investigation into Hillary Clinton. I know, it’s a stretch, but it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?
And what do you know: just a day after Trump interviewed Robert Mueller, Sessions’ Deputy AG Rosenstein anointed Mueller as “special counsel” for the DOJ. It’s interesting that Mueller is authorized to do almost anything he wants with the investigation, i.e. he can look into anything, but let me quote exactly:
“any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.
See where this is going? We already know there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. This fake narrative was perpetrated by the MSM via a fake opposition-research file (the so called PissGate dossier) and tons of lies and disinformation. The Donald allowed them to go on and on with their fake Russia narrative because he knew it to be false and a nothing burger. Also he knew that Mueller’s investigation will soon turn onto the real culprits, the ones who really colluded with Russia. Enter the DNC, the Podesta Group and the Clinton Crime family. This is already happening.
I know that Robert Mueller can be described as a swamp creature, as he has been working in DC for many, many years and he’s associated with various (and corrupt) DC honchos. However, the argument is that even if you “do business” with the swamp, it doesn’t mean you like it (or them). It’s worth mentioning that Mueller served in Vietnam and he’s a Purple Heart decorated Marine (goes to character).
And it’s hard to see a reason for which Mueller would still protect Hillary now. After all, the Democrats themselves are distancing from the Clinton crime family (Dona Brazile, Elizabeth Warren, the new DNC leadership, all of them threw Hillary under the bus).
The argument for the “Mueller is Our Guy” theory is that now Mueller’s probe is actually looking into the real culprits: the Podesta Group’s links with Russia via Uranium One, and this will probably end up with John Podesta’s (former Clinton Campaign manager) indictment and who knows, maybe even Hillary Clinton. It’s worth mentioning that Tony Podesta himself resigned as CEO of the Podesta Group and that is a tell-tell sign he knows he’s going to be indicted.
Bottom line: Trump has said repeatedly that he trusts Mueller will treat him fairly and he has no intention of firing him, which may indicate that Mueller’s investigation’s end game is to “lock her up”. We’ll just have to wait and see. By the way, this theory also explains Jeff Sessions’ rather strange behavior, i.e. he know what’s going on.