Is There A Deeper Fed Agenda?

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by jeantheau

Some here have talked about a coming massive crash of the Everything Bubble; others have wondered about the apparent short-sightedness of Fed policy. I previously posted that I think the Fed and its masters are anything but idiots, and they have only painted themselves into a corner to the extent that doing so supports their plan to blow up the house.

In Brandon Smith’s post from Friday (Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their ‘New World Order’?) he seems to agree:

<< … the dollar is nothing more than another con game on paper to the globalists; a farce that they are happy to sacrifice in order to further their goals of complete centralization … That is to say, the dollar is a stepping stone for them, nothing more. …  [The Fed] have been creating and crashing bubbles for over a century. Why would this time be any different? … Fed tightening will start again, either by rate hikes, asset cuts, or both at the same time. The Fed’s purpose is to create a crisis. >>

See also  This is an update and bit of explanation of what is going on in South Africa. There seems to be a media blackout on the situation

I agree that financial/monetary ugliness is quite likely over the next couple of years. But I think there is no need to start worrying about UN troops in the streets of America. “It’s just business,” as the mafioso say. Good business keeps the customer base alive, compliant, and productive. Fostering some Mad Max scenario that would disrupt the upward-flowing revenue streams seems equally unlikely.

Remember that the Romans usually allowed conquered localities to retain a large measure of administrative control, social cohesion, and religious practice — as long as they stayed in line and paid their taxes.

A new centralized system would probably be much more sophisticated than that: It would be designed to create the illusion of continued national sovereignty and currency, but in name only, and at a much-reduced standard of living (at least for the US, which currently lives beyonds its means via the global reserve currency/Petrodollar and military enforcement of it). The stated power of the central authority would be minimized, with references to it sounding little different than today’s tepid mentions of the United Nations, IMF or BIS. The central authority’s actual power, however, would be supreme relative to national governments, because the central authority would control the overall currency system. As Goethe pointed out, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” We have a version of that already in the US, so why abandon that strategy now?

See also  CNN has had this one person on for the past 4 days now pushing this. This isn't news. This is an agenda.

As the crash is happening and the pain begins, various political factions will be targeted for blame — Trump, liberals, populists, nationalists, separationists, free-trade opponents, gold bugs, the Russians, the Chinese — anyone but the people who actually caused the problem. War between newly globalized nations is possible, even likely, if history is any predictor. (We know the banksters love a good war!) But it will be the wrong war — the only war worth fighting is the one that takes back the power of money creation from the psychopathic elites.



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