Is this what’s happening? I think so…


A quote from George Orwell which explains most of today’s society.

Dan Dicks (Press For Truth) with 14 years of content removed from YouTube just recently. With Stefan Molyneux and Max Igan finding a similar fate earlier this month.

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When faced with corruption, those who consume mainstream media always tout “If that were true, it would be on the news!”
Meanwhile those same news reporters will be told that pursuing a particular story will get them fired and permanently removed from the industry. Not to mention of course the organisation has the final say in what is aired or printed. Creating a downward spiral of information that is by approval only, with anything outside of that being somehow unreliable.

The entire point of mainstream media is to keep you watching, clicking, reading and engaging to sell ad space. And of course, ensuring that “official” narratives about events, wars, politicians, people and crimes are enforced. They tell you what to think.

The best independent journalists are focused on reporting the truth and questioning the narrative. Encouraging you yourself to question and think for yourself.



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