Is Trump Making China Great Again? A Conversation with Jim Rogers

Follow The Money, Released on 10/3/18

This week, we are joined by legendary investor and world traveler, Jim Rogers. He shares his latest insights on the U.S. economy and the ongoing economic war between the U.S. and China.

In this segment, economist/trading coach Jerry Robinson is joined by American businessman, financial commentator, world-renowned investor, and author Jim Rogers. The topics of their discussion include the reasons behind America’s declining status on the global stage, as well as overlooked investment opportunities around the world.

Other topics include:

– The staggering illusion of American prosperity
– There’s no such thing as winning a trade war
– How President Trump is making China great again
– Economic history is filled with powerful lessons
– Where there’s crisis, there’s opportunity
– Global opportunities on Jim’s radar
– Two financial wisdom keys Jim is teaching his daughters