Is WW3 going to be the Petro-Dollar vs the Petro-Yuan?

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A month ago there was an article in the WSJ’s that discussed the US military was going to be shifting there focus from the Middle East to China & Russia.

U.S. Considers Boosting Asia Forces With Special Marine Units Shift would promote new strategy emphasizing China and Russia, with cutbacks in the Mideast

It continues on to say:

Military officials said the MEUs are under consideration with other complementary proposals to reposition forces into East Asia to counter a rising China, which the new defense strategy identifies as undermining an international world order in place for decades. Officials said they didn’t know when a final decision would be made about deployments.

Initially I figured they were talking about the NWO in general, but yesterday I discovered China is about to start their own Petro-Yuan that will compete against the Petro Dollar and it launches tomorrow. China is the largest purchaser of oil and will most likely be working with Russian, Syria & Iran. Not only that, but they are backing the Petro Yuan with Gold, which both Russia & China have been hoarding for the past decade +.

We all know how it goes when countries try to go against the Petro Dollar, i.e Libya & Iraq. But this time, we have both Russia & China who are also readying themselves. Putin announced back in Nov 2017 for manufacturers to be War Ready, while China recently added an additional 175 Billion to their Military Budget. This is in light of the US have a bloated military budget and recently having Neocon Bolton take the National Security Advisor position.

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Thought I’d give you guys a heads up, since this looks like it has potential to trigger WW3 and almost no one in the MSM news ever talks about the Petro Dollar or in this case the new Petro-Yuan. Just some food for thought!

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