Israeli PM Netanyahu warns his government to ‘stay out’ of Trump’s fight with Iran: report

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Israeli PM Netanyahu warns his government to ‘stay out’ of Trump’s fight with Iran: report

Israeli reporter Barak Ravid of Channel 13 News brings word
that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his
cabinet on Monday that Israel was not involved in the
operation that killed Iranian general Qassim Suleimani, and
he emphasized that Israel should not get involved in the



Netanyahu backs away from Soleimani assassination, warns ministers to ‘stay out’ of purely ‘American event’

7 Jan, 2020 01:14 / Updated 8 hours ago

By Helen Buyniski, RT

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly warned his cabinet not to get too involved in the US murder of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, lest Tel Aviv gets dragged into the escalating conflict between Washington and Tehran.
“The assassination of Soleimani isn’t an Israeli event but an American event. We were not involved and should not be dragged into it,” Netanyahu reportedly told his security cabinet during a meeting on Monday, as cited by Israel’s Channel 13. He advised ministers to avoid speaking to the media about Thursday’s targeted assassination beyond supporting the US’ right to defend itself, so as not to give the impression that Israel had played any role in it.

The directors of Mossad and military intelligence reassured the ministers that the likelihood of a retaliatory attack is low, since “Israel stayed at a distance from the incident,” and that Iran will begin planning its reciprocal move on Tuesday following the conclusion of the national mourning period for Soleimani, according to the same sources.



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