It is beginning – the Government take over of the nations food supply.

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Here in Canuckistan the government is being urged by the NDP (Communist Party) to basically take over the nations food supply, even more than it already has.
Farmers in Canuckistan are dumping milk and breaking millions of eggs – told to by the Dairy Board who controls milk and egg production.
Prices in the stores remain high. 1 gallon of milk is about $5.29 here.
Instead of dropping prices, they are dumping it.
Now potatoes and meat are next.
They are blaming restaurants being shut down for lack of demand.
Hold on – – there are still 35Million people in Canuckistan – people who need to eat, whether at a restaurant or at home. The “where” doesn’t matter.
This is all part of the ploy for total government control.
Now they want to buy up all the “excess” food stock for pennies on the dollar and then be in control of the food when the shortage hits in a few months.

This is all planned and being executed perfectly. World wide communism is moments away.


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