It Isn’t Ted Cruz’s Business How the People of Uganda Govern Themselves

by Chris Black

Why can’t we trade with them and leave it at that, like normal countries do?

It also shows why the Target and Bud Light boycotts Cruz supports are pointless.

In the end, LGBT is a symptom of a systematic terminal illness killing our country.

Senator Ted “I love the Jews” Cruz is one of its lesions.

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In 5 years or less, Cruz will be taking the position that becoming a tranny is a brave, admirable achievement.

Conservatives are so fuck*ng gay, imagine ending a tweet with “#LGBTQ”…

Under Ugandan law, Aggravated Homosexuality is defined as the molestation of children, giving somebody AIDS on purpose, gay incest, gay rape, etc.

Serious crimes even in the United States.

If you want to debate the ethics of the death penalty that’s one thing, but acting as if the punish is so out of proportion to the crime is just dishonest


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