It seems clear that we need much stiffer enforcement of the various foreign-influence laws.

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COLLUSION: Universities report $1 billion in previously hidden foreign funding after feds threaten investigations.

Maybe previous White House administrations ‘just didn’t care about foreign funding’

Since the Department of Education began cracking down on the failure to report riches from abroad, colleges across the country have become much more meticulous in their disclosure of assets from foreign funding, with some digging up records dating back to 2013.

A D.C.-based nonprofit has found that U.S. schools previously failed to report $1 billion, based on its comparison of the new disclosures with last year’s, now revealed to be massively incomplete.

Of that $1 billion, “About one-third came from countries known for their influence operations in America,” according to the Clarion Project, whose research challenges “Islamism, white supremacy, neo-Nazism, Antifa and other extremist ideologies.”

The country with the most previously unreported data is China, equaling $144 million from the Communist country across 48 American institutions over the last six years, the project found.

PRIORITIES: Universities hire new diversity czars while collecting federal bailout dollars.



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