It was heartbreaking!’: Hillary Clinton LOSES legal knowledge quiz in head-to-head with Kim Kardashian 11-4

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Hillary and Kim were quizzed on the former Fist Lady’s ‘Gutsy’ documentary

Acting as quizmaster, Hillary’s daughter Chelsea put their knowledge to the test

Kardashian – who is studying to be a lawyer – was quick on the buzzer and bested the former lawyer and Secretary of State, getting 11 answers, to Clinton’s four

Hillary told PEOPLE it was ‘heartbreaking’ to lose, but admired Kim’s hard work

Former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suffered a ‘heartbreaking’ defeat in a head-to-head legal knowledge quiz… to Kim Kardashian.

The reality TV megastar bested former lawyer Clinton 11-4 in the quiz during an episode of the former First Lady’s upcoming ‘Gutsy’ documentary, which she co-hosts with her daughter Chelsea.

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The round of questions covered the use of deadly force, when a claim of self defense is permissible, and the difference between extortion and robbery.

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