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THEY HATE IT WHEN THEIR PLANS BACKFIRE:  Media Feverish About Trump’s Covid-19 Briefings.

ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE: The Media’s Hatred Of Trump Is Endangering Lives: The news media’s disdain for Trump has always led to reporting that is misleading, but during a pandemic it can also be deadly.

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From the beginning of the Wuhan virus outbreak many in the media have been playing a dangerous game in which their objective has been to make President Trump look as bad as possible. What else is new? If something bad is happening, its Trump’s fault. Stub your toe? Forget your keys? Woman turned you down for a date? Look hard enough and you can find how Trump caused it. CNN’s Jim Acosta might even ask him about it.

Remember when Trump mentioning the promise of hydroxychloroquine as potential treatment was treated as him selling snake oil to the American people? Now the New York Times reports it helped victims in a study. Remember when a man died because he and his wife ate fish tank cleaner because Trump told them to? Now it turns out she’s a big donor to Democrats.

When the President and Vice President began holding daily briefings to inform the American people of what was going on, the media spent most of its energy focused on minor rhetorical differences in how Trump and Drs. Anthony Faucci and Deborah Birx described what was going on instead of the vital information the briefings provided.

When the American people saw through the pundits like a poorly made piece of two-way glass, the President’s approval numbers spiked. So what was the reaction of the heroes in much in the news media? To make fabulous and fabricated claims that Trump’s briefings were to dangerous to be shown live because the President of the United States cannot be trusted.

NO GOOD REASON: There Is No Reason to Believe China Is Reporting Its Coronavirus Cases Accurately. “And yet media outlets have taken the numbers at face value.”

Pushing the Communist Party line makes Trump look bad, and anyway is a longstanding habit for the American press.


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