Italy could become the first EU nation with a social credit score

The municipality of Bologna, Italy, is rolling out a soft social credit score in the Fall, the first of its kind in Europe.

The municipal government is introducing a “smart citizen wallet” that can receive “digital points” based on whether a citizen has demonstrated “virtuous behaviour.” Residents can then use these digital points for discounts and to make various purchases…

“The citizen will [receive benefits] if he recycles; if he uses public transport; if he manages [his energy consumption] well; if he does not receive sanctions from the municipal authority; if he actively uses the Culture Card”

Social credit systems starting this year in Italy and Bavaria,Germany
Italy, Bologna implements a social credit system “for testing” this year,
Bavaria, Germany , has suggested a “oecological token system” called “ökotoken”back in 2019 and will start it this year,2022.

All coupled with a financial wallet system.

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Good behavior will be rewarded.

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