Italy Is In CHAOS and PANIC MODE as the Center of the Euro Collapse! Massive Debt Contagion!

Italy is suffering. Just like the rest of the EU is suffering.

In your opinion, why is this happening?

Italy is continuing to drop as stocks, particularly in the banking sector have fallen dramatically. The financial media has suggested that there’s nothing to worry about because the ECB will be there to save the day. But the truth is that the ECB has already been printing money and bailing out Italian corporations for years and it still hasn’t prevented the deflationary collapse from happening.


Italy 2Y 5.29.jpg (890×456)

Italy 2y ROC 5.29.jpg (890×406)

italy 10y ROC 5.29.jpg (890×403)

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Hedge Funds Raise Bets Against Italy, Bond Yields Soar – WSJ

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4 ways the ECB is helping prevent an Italian rerun of the euro crisis — for now – MarketWatch

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The regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures – discussion paper

La deuda italiana supone el 40% de la cartera de Sabadell –



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