Italy walks out on UN migration meeting saying national borders are no business of the UN

This is majority opinion.

There is no majority of citizens in the world that supports increasing immigration levels to their home nation, a Pew Research Center study reveals.

The research found that of the 27 nations surveyed, not a single one supported increasing immigration by a majority. In fact, less than 15 percent of the median total of the 27 nations’ citizens supported plans to increase immigration.


ITALY’S leaders are BOYCOTTING a controversial United Nations meeting set to make CRITICISING MIGRATION a criminal offence.

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The UN Global Compact for Migration which takes place next week aims to set out universal rights and conditions for migrants. But one Member of the European Parliament has pointed out that if the paper is adopted as it stands then even criticising the idea of migration would be a crime. Italy has taken a tough line on the appear and is refusing to attend.

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte said decisions over migration were a matter for national governments.

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He said: “Italy reserves the right to adhere to this document or not only after the parliament has decided.”

In a statement on behalf of the Italian government he said: “The migration pact is a document that deals with issues and questions our citizens are concerned by.

“For this reason, we think it advisable to task parliament with a debate and the final choice once talks have concluded.”

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