Italy’s Financial System Will COLLAPSE and the ECB and EU Will Rule the Nation!

Italy is a major problem for the EU as well as the world in a ripple effect. It will be felt everywhere as more banks fail. More corporations fail. More debt piled up.
A solution will be provided. Sell the assets for pennies on the dollar.
What do you think about countries purposely being put into a DEBT TRAP only to have their assets confiscated?

There was a time when nations ruled themselves. Today however, we have a technocratic elite group who preside over many countries and dictate everything that will go on. They intentionally cause a crisis in a country only to capitalize on the failure at a later date.  Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
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Italy’s election: How the economy is performing – BBC News
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Italy’s Bank Bailout Serves German Interests Too – Bloomberg
Santander buys ‘failing’ Spanish bank for €1 – Jun. 7, 2017