IT’S AN IDEA SO CRAZY, IT JUST MIGHT WORK: Governor DeSantis Has an Amazing Plan to Deal With Rioters and Mostly Peaceful Protesters™: Prosecute Them.

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may be the model Republican governor. Not only has he said that he would not lock Florida down again under any circumstances, now DeSantis says he will not tolerate destructive Democrat Peaceful Protests™ either.

Prepare for wailing, but in the state of Florida, you will not be throwing projectiles at police officers if DeSantis gets his way. That will earn you six months in jail if you are convicted. Luckily, most of those hurling items at the police line are caught and identified because they or their friends film it.

In fact, he has proposed a series of penalties in the event a Peaceful Protest™ goes awry.

Are you thinking about blocking traffic? That will earn you a felony. The only goal of blocking streets is to inconvenience people and intimidate them. Videos online of people in their cars being harassed are plentiful. One Virginia mother called 911 and was told there was nothing the police could do while people were banging on her car and threatening her and her child because the event was sanctioned.


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