It’s deflation not inflation – the reason our food supply is under attack

by Shaun Kaven

There’s no denying that our food supply is being intentionally and willfully destroyed, but why? Is it the elites? Sabeteurs from China? From Russia?

I have the answer and it has to do with deflation not inflation

I know, CPI says inflation was 8.6% and it’s really way worse. If you calculate it in the same way that they did in the 70s, it’d be well over 20%. But you see that’s an illusion. This “inflation” that we see is happening because of higher petroleum prices and higher food prices. It has nothing to do with the money supply but is instead related to the useless self-inflicted sanctions on Russia.

These higher food and oil prices make everything more expensive relative to income, and is therefore creating demand destruction.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at imports into the US. They’ve fallen off a cliff:

Housing prices are dropping. Car prices are dropping. That’s not inflation folks, that’s deflation and it’s precisely what happened during the Great Depressin. If you think inflation is bad, wait until you see deflation. It’s much more insidious.

You see, Bretton Woods is coming to an ugly end because they can’t print any more money. People are maxed out on debt and borrowing is what creates increases in the money supply (real inflation).

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But back to all these food production facilities on fire. There was another fire yesterday, this time the plant that produces 20% of the US’s natural gas

This seems unprecedented but it isn’t. Do you know when the last time was that our food supply was attacked? GLP historians? That’s right, the Great Depression.

In one of the most heinous acts during the Great Depression, the US government intentionally burned food or in some cases dumped it directly into the ocean, and they did so while millions were starving. Why?

That’s right, the US intentionally dumped and destroyed food while people starved. Why? To reverse deflation. You see, inflation is relatively easy (though painful) to beat – just jack interest rates and implement some discipline. But deflation? Deflation is catastrophic. The only way out of deflation is to make things more expensive, massive death (see: vaccines) and a complete financial reboot.

This is why WW2 was eventually necessary and then the new financial order which has lasted until now. It’s why they’re poisoning us with vaccines. And yes, it’s why they’re destroying our food supply.

Eventually, when it can’t be maintained any longer, we will have our Next Great Depression and probably world war then a new financial system.

Make sense now?


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