It’s obvious the Hawaii government is incompetent. They had a week to bulldoze a trench around geothermal plant and failed.

Think about it, all they had to do to divert the lava from the geothermal plant was bulldoze a ditch in a few days to divert the lava away from it.



HAWAII’s Kilauea volcano has shown no sign of slowing down as lava continues to ravage across the Big Island destroying 82 homes in its path, leaving Marines on standby.

At least 82 homes have been completely destroyed since the first eruption over a month ago, forcing more than 2000 people to flee the area.

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The most recently destroyed homes were in Hawaii’s Leilani Estates subdivision, which was evacuated more than three weeks ago.

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But despite evacuation orders, some residents returned to their homes.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) flew over the area on Sunday evening and used infrared technology to discover where people were located.



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