Sharing is Caring!

by Ed Driscoll

We must all be grateful to these very rich, very famous people for making this bold and controversial statement against racism. Who else, after all, will stand up to the very powerful and well-funded shopping-in a-store-absolutely-should-be-a-death-sentence lobby?

It’s also good to see that the acting community has recovered from Ricky Gervais’s cruel attack on their noble efforts to heal humanity at the Golden Globes earlier this year. Nothing and nobody can stop luvvies from using their position to  educate others. Because if actors don’t save the world, who will?

We can’t stop them from making these leftist celebrity drone-a-thons. But could they at least experiment with the structure a bit?

Time for a flashback! We thought the latest viral, celebrity PSA sounded familiar. This video created by Townhall Media in 2017, starring Townhall’s Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, and former members of the Townhall Media family Mary Katherine Ham and S. E. Cupp, mocks the boring and predictable political videos from elitist Hollywood liberals.

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