It’s On! FBI agents call for Wray resignation… Merrick Garland makes threat

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Suspicious Timing, AG Merrick Garland Sends Memo to DOJ and FBI Employees Reminding Them Not to Talk to Congress

Absent of anything else going on, this memo would seem innocuous. However, when you consider that at least 20 FBI whistleblowers from the FBI have approached both the house and senate in the past several weeks, this memo takes on a new meaning.

According to the memo sent internally by AG Merrick Garland, he is reminding everyone in the DOJ/FBI about the restrictions against talking to congress.


There are now at least 20 FBI whistleblowers who have stepped forward to speak to Congress.

The whistleblowers are demanding dirtbag Chris Wray step down as chief after destroying the agency’s reputation and allowing rampant corruption in the bureau.

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The raid was a set up to prevent the disclosure of unclassified Russiagate documents that implicated the FBI and DOJ in the garbage investigation of candidate and then President Trump.

The FBI had a personal stake in the raid and confiscating the documents that implicated them in numerous scandals.

Meanwhile…In AZ-Arizona Republicans CENSURE Rogue FBI Days After Mar-a-Lago Raid, Call on State Of Arizona to End Cooperation With the FBI



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