It’s really easy to spot a phishing email.

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by Maccadies

Why YSK that if you are unsure of a potential Spam, phishing, or hazardous email collecting details. Take these three steps.

Step one; A lot of phishing emails recently are great on the initial open. ‘The first look’ shall we say. Take your time to read through it and check the information. If the email asks for your details and/or needing to provide any info to the email address. It’s probably a scam. Red flag number one. Companies do not want your details especially financial details over emails.

Step two; Check the email address. From the sender. What does it read after the @ sign? This is a fantastic indicator to see who is behind the email. If its something ludicrous like @eusehshyewth1747 (just a random example) then it’s spam. If its a legitimate business like @bestbuy (or something similar) then it will be legit.

Step three; Check back on previous emails received from the potential company. Have you received emails like this before? Look at authentic emails from the company and cross examine them with emails you know are real for sure.

This is not a 100% fool proof strategy by all means. It’s a simple guide to help you pull out the bad emails collecting details and reporting them.

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Optional Step; If you’re like me and hate the people behind these phishing emails. Then forward them on the company they are pretending to be from. Most companies now (big ones) have a technical team that deal with these emails and would love to hear from you! As they are also being hurt by these fraudsters pretending to be them.

TLDR three steps to avoid being email scammed. Take your time to read the email. Companies don’t ask for your details. Where did the email come from? Check the email address. Finally Check previous emails from the company, do they match up?


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