I’ve had Covid-19 for a few days. So far, it’s been unremarkable.

I am not going to post any personal information about myself
to prove this happened. This is a take it or leave it

The background:

1. I am in regular contact with an ‘essential worker’ who
comes into contact with large numbers of the general
populace on a daily basis, excluding two days off a week.
This person has been working since all this started.

*NOTE: ‘EW’ going forward will stand for ‘essential worker.’

2. About a week ago, this EW contracted covid-19, and lost
sense of taste/smell. Mainly because of this loss, the EW
went in to get tested. The test came back positive. Also
had a cough and minor symptoms.

3. I developed a cough and minor symptoms as well. Cough has
been almost non-existent for the last few hours.

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Unless something changes, my covid-19 experience
has been rather unremarkable. In my specific case, I’ve
had colds and such in the past which were far worse than
this. Even my coughing has been tame to what I’ve
experienced in the past. I have not lost taste/smell, so
far anyway. Aside from the loss of taste/smell, the EW has
had a similar experience but with a bit worse of a cough
and minor symptoms. Neither of us has any noticeable
breathing issues so far.

Interestingly, the mother of this EW became extremely ill
from covid-19. Bed ridden for a period of time. The EW and
mother contracted it separately – weeks apart.

Different strain? No idea, but it seems some people become
extremely ill and others hardly ill at all, as in my case
(so far).

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I have been taking Vitamin D (and others) since this whole
thing started, but reportedly so has this EW’s mother.
So again, I don’t know why there is such a huge
difference. (Age? Covid-19 strain?)

If not for this EW and their loss of taste/smell, I would
have thought it to be a typical cold/light-flu.

But that’s about all there is to say on my experience:

I will update if I experience a significant downturn or
something. It doesn’t feel like I will, but we’ll see.

Note: This is in no way meant to downplay or dismiss
others who became very ill or passed away.



h/t dr0id


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