I’ve noticed a new media strategy in covering the “mostly peaceful” riots.

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by KorrectDaRekard

Up until now most people who have been following what has been going on in the country have had to follow independent sources on IG. A lot of them not were not even journalists, just random people filming what they were seeing. When you’d search these cities where the violence was occurring you would see all of these. While this was going on all of the blue check journo’s were busy either saying peaceful protests, or ignoring them entirely. Then the backlash came, left wing media saw something (probably internal polling data) and they were forced to acknowledge the violence.

Something changed today, when you search these cities where these riots are occurring the following morning, the results are flooded with blue check journalists sharing only 6 second clips with zero context. These videos are clipped to show the protesters looking like they are being preyed upon by police , most likely cutting out what happened prior that lead to this reaction. Its not coincidence that last night we saw videos of protesters telling people not to film (NYC & DC) They are trying to control the narrative, they are trying to hide the fact that protesters stormed and destroyed restaurants with people inside. They are trying to hide that there were riots in NYC again last night.

They are trying to control the narrative, they are going to try to turn it back to “peaceful protests” When “mostly peaceful” didn’t work they came up with their new social media plan and rolled out “93% peaceful” There is something terrifying about the side engaging in the violence also being the side that controls the narrative.


Facebook temporarily DISABLES account of reporter who livestreamed armed groups in Louisville

Facebook suddenly disabled the account of video journalist Ford Fischer as he was covering armed protests on Saturday in Louisville, raising fears that Big Tech censors are classifying newsgathering as incitement to violence.
“I am a journalist, verified on Facebook,” Fischer wrote on Saturday evening on his Twitter account. “Today I spent the entire day covering various armed groups throughout Louisville. As I just finished a livestream, I tried to log in and it appears Facebook deleted my account.”

Fischer, co-founder of News2Share, was unable to get an explanation as he followed up with the social media behemoth until his account was restored without comment on Sunday evening



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