IWB Is Under Attack By Mainstream Media – We Want Our Readers To Know.

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The following article has mentioned IWB by name, and we have been identified in an illustration also on the site.
Over the next two days, the al-Masdar piece was picked up by a number of pro-Kremlin and anti-Western sites.
It was reproduced verbatim by at least three conspiracy sites: globalresearch.ca, informationclearinghouse.info and The Lifeboat News. A number of pro-Kremlin sites known for their use of false reporting quoted it at length. These included The Duran and The Russophile (also known as Russia News Now), together with conspiracy site Investment Watch Blog.
A third group of sites wrote their own reports, but very largely followed the Al-Masdar arguments. These included 21st Century Wire and Before It’s News, both of which ran a video repeating the claims and using the same imagery.

Of course, this is disturbing to us, as we have had a slowing of traffic and multiple problems on our site.  We dispute that we are spreading propaganda.  Our articles are breaking news, vital issues to all Americans, and we do offer opinions at times.  These opinions are made by our different writers, as all writers have personal opinions.
We are very concerned about this label that has been put upon us.  We strive to offer our readers the news, which encompasses financial, political, activities on Capitol Hill; and, of course the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump.  
We do have our own preferences in reporting the news, and again, we have our own opinions.  What would any news site be without those things?  What is happening here?  Are we losing our freedom to report to our public?  Where do we go from here?
We are reaching out to you, the reader. We want your opinion on this use of our good name in a report that we were not even aware of.
The 2016 Presidential Election has been like no other in history.  Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been, of course, on opposite sides.  This goes without saying, doesn’t it?  We are a divided Nation at this time.
We are a passionate people, and so many of us have worked so hard for our Presidential candidates.  It is our God given right to choose, as it is our right as Americans to vote.  We should expect that right to be respected and honored in our political system.  That means our Judicial system should enforce all laws that give us the freedom to choose our own personal candidate; and to expect our vote to count.
In saying the above, we cannot allow winners or losers to infringe upon the freedom of the press, because they are on different sides of the issue.  There is room for all of us to express our words and thoughts, but we must never accuse one another of spreading propaganda as we define that.
Your definition of propaganda may be unproven and, in fact, an opposing viewpoint of an issue.  This issue may be in the stage of debate and investigation.  Opinions are just that – unproven remarks and theories.  Freedom of the press allows for this; however, to state an opinion as a fact, slandering another is wrong.
We hope the present accusatory environment of the Internet will somehow correct itself.  We all play a vital role as Internet websites in the world today.  It is an honor and a privilege to be one of those websites.  We pray that we can continue to inform our readers of the vital news you want to hear.
Please feel free to let us know your feelings on this development regarding the reputation of IWB.
We are nothing without you.

10 thoughts on “IWB Is Under Attack By Mainstream Media – We Want Our Readers To Know.

  1. Please invite President Trump to a video taping with IWB on a weekly basis, so that he can by-pass the corrupted globalist mainstream media.

  2. First you seem to be in pretty good company. Second unless the American conservatives grow up get mad and get mean nothing is going to change. It is a proven fact that a 2X4 will make any bully wish they were doing something else. Media matters is nothing more than a two-bit bully who thinks they are special but really needs the 2X4 lesson.

  3. I agree with John….the MSM is feeling threatened or, they would not be publishing this info. As for me, I love IWB and prefer to use my own “radar” to be able to distinguish between real news and opinion.

  4. Great site don’t change a thing. If they feel threatened that means your doing a great job…
    Bottom line Screw’em

  5. As long as you have articles that support OUR President, I’m reading. The left is trying to destroy all conservative sites. They truly believe that will make us watch (and read) fake news. This site, and Conservative Treehouse are my links to truthful reports. Just keep being honest.

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