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Hey, Everyone!


We made it to spring, and spring is the time for new beginnings!


As you know we have worked hard to become a better outlet for the articles you want to read.  We strive to publish a variety of subjects, and we feel at this time we have accomplished our goal.


But we have not accomplished it alone, as our readers inspire and help us daily.  We have many of you who send us the articles to publish, so this is a family affair.  You, dear readers, are IWB.


We want to thank you for all the donations you have made to keep us up and running.  I hope you can see the fruits of your labor each time you visit. You should feel comfortable and without stress while accessing IWB.


Also, we have received multiple emails regarding loyal readers who want to donate,  but who choose not to use paypal. Therefore, we are working on other alternative donation methods. We will notify you once this is available.

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In the past, downloading IWB has been stressful, but now we feel it is speedy and efficient.  You know you can always let us know how you feel by contacting us. This contact with you helps us improve IWB to fit your needs.


Currently, we are contemplating how best to suit your needs concerning the distribution of our newsletter.  This is critical in our communications with you.


Please take the time to answer the following questions –


1) How often would you like to receive the IWB Newsletter in your inbox?


Please choose between the following and let us know what you prefer:

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The newsletter contains more than 10 featured posts in a day, as we are definitely trying to cover a variety of topics.  We are proud to say we serve a multi-faceted and expanding community. Keeping up with you is hard to do, but we hope IWB is meeting that challenge.

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2) Do you prefer 10 posts per newsletter, or is that too many at one time?


Would it be optimal to break those posts up into 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening?


IWB is committed to delivering the news in a variety of ways – let us know what you prefer.


IWB continues to be suppressed by almost all social media; thus, signing up for our newsletter is most effective way to connect to the site.  In fact, even when the site is down we can still send out announcements to the readers. Please keep this in mind.


We will include some useful promotions in the newsletter, which will be beneficial to the IWB community.

In closing, we want to thank all of you in the IWB family for your continued  support. Together we can make it happen!

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