IWB Would Like To Apologize To Our Loyal Readers For The Notifications You Received In Error.

Earlier today we sent out 30+ notifications, the same one to all push notification subscribers. It is glitch in our system, and was sent out to all our IWB notification subscribers in error.  We apologize, and currently our tech support is working on the issue.
We hope you are enjoying IWB and finding it helpful in your daily lives.  
We so appreciate you, and we will continue to report and keep your informed on the current financial and alternative news.
We would like to let you know one more thing we are currently coping with.  Some of our posts are being censored on Facebook and Google.  Please continue to share our articles and spread them throughout the community.  
Many conservative websites are having the same problems, and we will keep you updated on this.
We want to wish you a Merry Christmas with a free wallpaper taken from Yahoo.com images.

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